New Me Under Construction

It's been so long since I last updated my life. Be back when I get a new one! Ktnxbye!


Till We Meet Again

Old habits are hard to break. But I know I can and I will. Today, at this very minute, Imma gonna say goodbye to this old buddy of mine for good. You've been with me through my highs and lows and I still love you for that. But things should change,.. so I'm letting you go. It's either I'll lose you or I'll lose the one thing I most care about. I did this before, and I'm doing it again now. This change might be a little too late and I'm sorry.

It's all thanks to you that I've gained a lot of friends, created a lot of memories, cried my heart out, made up some dreams, planned my future and most importantly I definitely learned a lot about life through you. So thank you and goodbye. I know our paths may cross again (there's no doubt about that) but sorry mi amigo, this just has to be goodbye.., for now!